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Class 24

The Sulzer Type 2 Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotive was first delivered in 1958 and numbered D5000.

Production continued until 1961 and a total of 151 entered service. They were built at Crewe, Derby and Darlington. Although They were associated with the 'Condor' fast freights between London and Glasgow. A six-cylinder turbo-charged Sulzer 1,160hp diesel provided the power and top speed was about 75mph. The final member of this class to be withdrawn, 24081 (D5081), ended its career at Crewe in 1980. The locomotive is now preserved and in working order. Only four of the class survive.

Class 25

The Class 25 is a further development of the class 24. They were similar to the Class 24’s but the Sulzer power unit was improved and resulted in them having a top speed of 90mph. A total of 327 were built upto 1967 between Crewe, Darlington and Derby with one other outside contractor, Beyer-Peacock.  They were found nearly everywhere on the British Railways network in the 1970s and accordingly nicknamed “Rats” The last of the class were withdrawn in 1987.

Of the class total of 327 built happily 20 of the class survive.

Class 26

The Class 26 diesel locomotives, also known as the BRCW Type 2, were built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company (BRCW) at Smethwick in 1958-59. A total of 47 were built and they lasted in service until 1994. They were powered by four Crompton Parkinson Traction Motors.

The Class 26’s are best described as mixed traffic and could be found on Parcels, Short lightweight freight workings and passenger workings. Of the 47 built 13 of the class survived into preservation.

Class 27

The Class 27 diesel locomotives were a development of the earlier Class 26, being originally classified as the BRCW Type 2. A total of 69 diesel locomotives were built by BRCW during 1961 and 1962.

Mass withdrawal took place in July 1987 after blue asbestos was discovered, however 8 of the class have been preserved.

 25284 leaves Peterborough with cement tanks, 13th June 1984. 
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25284 leaves Peterborough with cement tanks, 13th June 1984.