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The Class 33 Diesel Locomotive, also known as the BRCW Type 3, was a Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotive built for BR Southern Region between 1960 and 1962. A total of 98 locomotives were built at the works of Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon.

A sub-class of 12 locomotives were also built with a slightly narrower body for use on the Hastings line. Most of the locos have been withdrawn, although some are preserved.

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 Clapham Junction sees 33115 pushing a Waterloo bound service, 12th August 1983. 
 Keywords: BR, Southern, Southern, London, Clapham Junction, Diesel, BR, Passenger, Colour, Class33, 33115, D6533, EH, 71A, 1983
 Taking ECS to Canton, 33051 thrashes out of Cardiff Central, 28th September 1983. 
 Keywords: BR, Great Western, GWR, Wales, Cardiff, Diesel, BR, Passenger, Colour, Class33, 33051, D6569, HG, 73C, 1983

Images 1-2 of 2 displayed.