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The Class 56 Diesel Locomotive was designed for heavy freight work. They have a Ruston - Paxman power unit developing 3,250 bhp and has a Co-Co wheel arrangement. They were introduced between 1976 and 1984. The first 30 locomotives (Nos.56001 to 56030) were built by Electroputere in Romania, but these suffered from poor construction standards and many were withdrawn from service early for extensive rebuilding. The remaining 105 locomotives were built by BREL at Doncaster Works (nos. 56031 to 56115) and Crewe Works (Nos.56116 to 56135). They had the nickname of "Gridirons" or "Grids" for short. This was due to the grid-like horn cover on the locomotive's cab ends fitted to nos. 56 056 onwards.

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1984-06-02 56133 ZC 
 Brand new and newly named at Crewe Works Open Day 1984, 56133 'Crewe Locomotive Works', 2nd June 1984. 
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