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The Class 31 was also known as the Brush Type 2 and were built by Brush Traction from 1957-62. They entered service in November 1957, being one of the Pilot Scheme locomotives ordered by British Railways to replace steam. They were originally known as Class 30 under TOPS, with later re-engined examples joining as Class 31. The class was originally intended for service on the Eastern Region, but gradually became common in both the Western and London Midland regions too. Various examples were developed as sub classes and further reading is recommended in order to get a full understanding of these variations. Some of the class have been preserved.

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 31404 with it's white stripe, sits at Manchester with a service for Cleethorpes, 27th May. 1984. 
 Keywords: BR, Midland, LMS, Manchester, Manchester, Diesel, BR, Passenger, Colour, Class31, 31404, D5605, FP, 34G, 1984
 Departing March, is 31248 (still with tablet catcher space in it's door) on the Chesterfield - Yarmouth Saturday's only service, 23rd June 1984. 
 Keywords: BR, Eastern, LNER, Cambridgeshire, March, Diesel, BR, Passenger, Colour, Class31, 31248, D5676, FP, 34G, 1984
 Slowing for the Stowmarket stop, 13th June 1984, is 31423 with a service from Harwich PQ. 
 Keywords: BR, Eastern, LNER, Suffolk, Stowmarket, Diesel, BR, Passenger, Colour, Class31, 31423, 31197, D5621, FP, 34G, 1984
 With paint still glistening, newly converted 31463 sits on the blocks at Norwich after a working from Birmingham, 16th February 1985. 
 Keywords: BR, Eastern, LNER, Norfolk, Norwich, Diesel, BR, Passenger, Colour, Class31, 31463, 31297, D5830, TE, 1985

Images 1-4 of 4 displayed.